Portals in 111951


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For two days I had portals working. I was fiddling with incoming trains distributing their consist in the yard. Yeah, I know the local switcher should breakdown the consist. The portal (Basic Short) was emitting immediately as it should. Then I could not get to emit after 2 days of flawless operation.

I tried the tunnel portal and same thing happened. Then, while I was trying things, Trainz19 stopped and I could not even get the Launcher to load. That is, it did not even display its usual opening picture. While fiddling around with that the Windows locked. I could not get it to start. A power cycle brought me to a blank page which lasted many minutes. Finally the display of the OS starting its cleanup (revolving circle of dots) started and lasted for at least 15 minutes -far beyond normal. The display went blank to a terrifying few minutes but resumed its circling dots, Then it display the dreaded "follow these steps to recover your data" message. At my age that was heart-attack territory. That disappeared for several minutes and eventually the OS loaded and all is ok. The worry-some point is Trainz "blowing up" and causing the OS to do some deep reconstruction of files. It had to possibly get into restricted files to get the OS into such bad shape. It may have even executed restricted instructions. Who knows.

Because N3V can't fix the portal issue I had a very bad experience. It was very scary as I was planning to go to a Celeron based backup system for day-today work. N3V may, or may not, have portals fixed but because so many FIXES were attempted it is taking several Beta updates and it still is reported to have issues. N3V trying to fix so many problems in one go was a mistake, to put it mildly. Dividing the known issues into reasonable sets of smaller groups of problems would have done a few things for them. A subsequent second round of fixes would have had a greater chance of success. It would have allowed them release interim updates to satisfy some customer's issues. As a result 111951 issues continue with no end insight. Each Beta update has met with new issues as the tangle of dozens of fixes must now be sorted in an attempt to release a fully repaired product.

I do not envy the staff when they find that their fix was nullified by some other fix of a fix.

So like some others I can't work on my route since it is based upon portals feeding and collecting product for other railroads to deliver.