Placing Base Maps Onto A Route


Can anyone tell me how and where to find a map of a station and place it into TRS2006 surveyor? I would like to create Leicester Station as I know it to maybe encourage people to make a route, I don't know :p

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There is a program called TransDEM which would be ideal for this, it takes terrain and elevation data from sources such as, NASA, Google Earth, and others and implements that data into surveyor. It basically creates the terrain for the desired location and I think it can take satellite images from google and put them on the baseboards. It can also assist in laying track though I don't think it can do that entirely on its own. Do a username search for geophil and click on the link in his signature, this takes you to the website for TransDEM. Hope this helps.


P.S. For all you other TransDEM users feel free to correct me on anything I got wrong, I fear that I indeed have.
@WileeCoyote: All correct. :)

For England in particular we also have Planning Portal as a map source (1:1250), coming with O/S coordinates.


See here for a TransDEM tutorial incorporating these maps into route building


Where can I find the program that runs transDEM or is a stand alone program?
I have search the net and links but can't work it out.
how do you images on to a baseboard in surveyor without using transDEM as it does not work on my computer it just crashes
TransDem is an excellent program. I don't use it but I do recommed you look into it. It has a lot of features for not just terrain building but track laying and displaying map images on the baseboards as mentioned. It probably is the easiest to use of the methods available.

There are a couple of freeware options if you want to go that route. Mapmaker is a freeware program that creates terrain from SRTM DEMs and also works with scanned maps and basemaps. I don't use it either so can't say much more but there are a few threads available with links to it. Do a forum search on it. The 1km basemap objects on the DLS are usable but you have to do the alinging, scaling and cropping of the map image to get 1km square textures to use with them. The oiginals by weevil used 720 x 720m squares to match baseboard size in Trainz though I think most find it easier to crop images to 1km.

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PS I just missed your post billt403 but ck the 2 other options I mention.
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I'm interested in this too. I've a scanned 'map' - its fictional and has no terrain data - I just want to get the image onto the baseboards so I can trace it the layout. The layout isn't very detailed, so I wnat to put the track in myself. What's the easiest way? I know the scale and can resize the image as required.

Can I chop it up and create terrain i can 'paint' on or can I import one large image to cover a large area?