Photobucket - Is this the right place for this?

IMHO the best FREE image hosting on the net and they have the audacity to be momentarily down.

Life sux, doesn't it......

I wanted to view some vids and pics, and lo and behold, "Photobucket is undergoing site maintenance".

being a webmaster and designer for many websites I can assure you that all websites occasionally need to be taken down for various maintenance issues. Generally things like that only last a short while; I think the max I've seen in a long time is 1 day (not counting the forum "crash" here)

there are lots of places besides photobucket to store images online. most of them, and perhapse rightfully so, won't let you direct embeded link to them, someone DOES have to pay for their bandwidth too, but you can always post links TO where the're at for people to go look.

there are, i think, at least half a dozzen place LIKE photobucket. i've got a few images on one called picture trail. mostly though, since i'm into the graphics thing, i post immages to gallery/art and illustration archive type sites.

in my case most recently/currently, biorust. each such place though, has its own specific topic and theme, unlike more general sites like photo/bucket/trail/et c.

within most of them though, i do manage to find a place for images that include some of my guideway based ground trasport fantasies, and or occasionally actual photographs of prototype and more often models.

furry and fantasy sites are among those i have posted to in the past, and remain an active member of as well. and yes, my furries ride trains and my fantasy settings often encorporate them.

(ps: thank you dermmy for that link in your sig, by way of which i just discouvered ing4trainz.)

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