Philly Train Show Dec. 13-14th

This ones a Greenberg show, wasnt last years one of the Worlds Greatest Hobby Shows? I'll be floating around somewhere between the G and HO clubs that are there I'm sure....

Hmm, you know, I could have sworn you were right that it was a WGH show, but decided to Google it, and found a schedule from last year claiming it was also a Greenberg show. Both shows are run by the same company, though. I haven't been following the modelling scene the last few years, so I'm not really sure of the difference, but, hopefully, it'll be a good show.
There is never a bad Greenbergs show !

Come early ... stay all day ... bring a folding steel chair ... bring lots' money, and buy all the used (in need of repair) bargains ... carry a cardboard record storage box if you intend on buying allot of stuffz !

If you see a 97 y/o fert', stumbling around, muttering to himself about Trainz ... that is ME !
Difference with thge WGH Shows ( even though the same company runs them) is that the manufacturers and such usually attend those. You wont see that mostly at the Greenberg shows and the Greenbergs take up a smaller footprint usually as well.

Still half decent shows to attend though....maybe not all the time for me since i do G primarily, but good for others.

Awesome, I might be going, near the convention center in Oaks, where the event is, there is an industrial park, outside it there are some old locos and a speeder and cart on display. There's a whitcomb diesel, a 44 tonner or something like that, and an 0-4-0T, which I found on a website.
There is also a nice diner with a SUPER MELT! Eggs, cheese, canadian bacon on a roll.