Performance bottleneck


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I noticed Trainz was getting a bit "jerky" where it had been silky smooth. So I tried Windows "Task Manager" (Control + Shift + Escape) and then the "Performance" tab to get some idea of what was going on. I did this while running a train through Fostoria on my Fostoria OH Triangle route. Since my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 video card is low end I expected it's GPU to be maxed out but it was loafing along at ~66% while my very capable CPU was maxed out!
Selecting the "Processes" tab showed that some WD (Western Digital) app used for backup and was being launched at startup was using about 48% of the CPU processing power. I removed it from the startup list and the CPU droped to ~66% while the GPU went to ~98% as I expected it should. Problem solved.
While the CPU was maxed out it could not supply the GPU fast enough to keep it fully functional so the CPU, not the GPU, had been the bottleneck.
Thanks, SuperFudd, that's nice to know. I may check that out in my own system, as I know the fan kicks up pretty high sometimes. I always thought maybe it was heavy database access, but your observations are definitely worth looking at.