PBR grass change?

Y E S. Looks bland and weak. Why N3V deliberately did that is a mystery to me. Must be an artistic message promoted by their art consultant.
There may have been some changes made to the extent/ appearance of the parallax (3D) effect to this PBR texture. Suggest play around with the scaling to see if you can reproduce the effect that you like...
Also: Check out this beta release notification for one of the initial Trainz Living Railroad betas:
Forum link for earlier beta release
It mentions the eyedropper (in Surveyor 2) not being able to pick up PBR Grass 8 Seasonal as a "known issue"
(That problem seems to have been fixed in 122912).

Ack. The appearance of this asset (<kuid2:661281:85115:3> ) has certainly changed quite a bit from its predecessor, <kuid2:661281:85115:2> when viewed in TRS19 compared to recent Trainz Build versions.
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It happened to me. The same texture is now a very light green. I did not do it. . Why was that done?
Is this a malicious person getting into the database where the texture resides? How do I fix a texture that was hacked? If I delete it I assume that all references go away and that a reinstall will not display in previously 08 areas in their proper color.