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I'm running TRS 2006 2.5 build 2773.

I have problem with loading passengers. If I program " go to station, load, wait 1 min, go to station load, wait 1 min etc etc " at the first station it stops loads then does nothing ? the load symbol will not disappear like the station symbol does. I've tried just " go to station and load but still the load symbol will not disappear after loading. So I can get my trains to go to station and load but after this I have to " abandon schedule " and put in the next station. I would like to program a few stations and just let in get on with it. I have also just tried Go to station. wait the go to next station, that works fine but does not load passengers.

I hope I've explained this fully enough. Anyone got any ideas as to the problem ?
Thanks in advance
I think you are not using passenger enabled stations.

Are the stations that you are using Passenger Enabled because if they are not it could produce a situation like you are describing. If the station isn't passenger enabled the train can't complete the load command so it gets stuck on it until you hit abandon schedule. Also you don't need to abandon schedule to fix it just drag the offending command out of the prg bar and it will carry out the next command. Hope that helps.
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Hi Hedo, thanks, Yes all the stations are Passenger enable, its not that they will not pick them up its just it will only carry out the first "load command" the " load symbol" just remains and the train will not move. however I did not know about the drag thing so that helps a bit but does not solve the basic problem
make sure you are using the right type of station. there is a invisible station on the DLS that does not use the standard load command. i cant remember what it is named. something like jk station or something.
Is this a route you have built yourself and are you using AJS Station Kit
If so, in some cases, in first time use, stations do not work the first time they are called at
You could also try splitting and rejoining the track splines at this particular station
Regards, Bob V
If you are using andi06's stations, you'll want to use his Call At command, <kuid2:122285:3498:3>. You could also try brummfondel's Load Passengers command, <kuid2:192081:5:2>. I don't have any experience with this one.
Thanks for replies guys but no I'm not using AJS or invisable, I've adapted the clinchfield layout and mostly using " brick station " from I think my built in stuff. I've tried taking station out and then putting it back in but to no avail, I'm really stumped on this one ?? Anyone ever had this problem ?#

Hi dzien50,
Can you give us the kuid of the station? I know there is at least one station on the DLS that gives trouble, but can't remember which one, I think it's a UK station.

I'm not using any UK stations, I use various ones but mainly the "Brick" stations, large and medium, I think they are built in items.
Station loads

Hi dzien50,

Just another thought. Do you have a set of points just beyond the station platform? If so are the points set to clear the train through? In Trainz any points or signals will not be set automatically until the AI can see the next destination command, so if the train is being stopped by a red signal before it gets to the loading position it will not continue. The way to overcome this is to set the default direction of the points so the train gets a green and can continue. The position of the points set in surveyor determines the default position.

Hope this helps,
Good Points bill I will look into your sugesstions, I did not know the path the point route showing in surveyor makes it priority, thanks for that info.
Thing is its at every station and I have over 20 of them and some are just on plain track with no points ahead. and yes I am using passenger enabled stock.
yes I have but remember we are talking here of over 20 stations so they cannot all be wrong and none of them will worl properly
I think there was a problem with some of the builtin stations. They worked in the early version but not in the update patches. Some used to work like the industry in that the train slowly drove through the station then when the update came out trains pulled into the station and stopped to load. those older stations then did not seem to work.