Passenger Stations


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On my routes I try to have freight trains and such pass the stations on an outside track if possible and even place a track if possible for this to happen. In the real world do freight trains use the track next to the station and if so what speeds are used? Do they blow by the stations at fast speeds? Thanks.
I've seen your configuration before, but not up here in the Northeast because we're pressed for space, and the railroads were built way back in the early days with the B&M mainline and Boston and Lowell lines dating back to the early 1830s and 1840s.

When freights do go through passenger stations, and this my observation, they will pass through at their track speed when their are no passengers around. For us this means 40-45 mph on the MBTA serviced area. When there are passengers, they will slow down to half that and ring the bell as they pass through the station.

Thanks John. Down here in South Jersey, below Trenton, we don't have passenger stations, at least along the Western side of Jersey.
On my Widened Lines route in ECML goods trains would blast through the small, confined stations at full speed. The noise from the diesels was deafening. But in good old British style the passengers just put up with it.
Over here on The West Coast Main Line, freight Trains do pass at Line Speed through smaller stations. Even on the Quad Track Sections the two inner lines are reserved for the passenger express trains while the outer pair are used for freight and stopping passenger trains. Larger Stations do have passing lines for freight, but it is not unusual for them to use Platform Lines as well. The only concession for this practice is the introduction of yellow lines on the platforms. They are about 4ft from the platform edge which you must stand behind except when boarding trains. Clive