Passenger/Freight speed limits


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Just got the Trainz 2006 and I like it a lot better than the MSTS I had. The only downside being that I can't seem to get Trainz to differentiate the passenger/freight limits in Marias Pass. What I mean is the limit that shows up for freight trains is the passengers limit. In MSTS I could alter the maximum limit for passenger and freight on this route as speeds at the speedsigns to but I have yet to figure it out in Trainz. To summarize I guess I'm asking is can I get the freight trains to observe one limit while the passenger trains observe another in Trainz Marias Pass route? If there isn't a known way then no big deal but if there is I would like to know to up the realism a little more. Please help if ya can. Later.
Thanks Stephanie. I did finally figure that out. I don't know why the VSB signs in Marias Pass are not true VSBs. Are they in the full route version? Does anyone know?