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He Who Playz-With-Trainz
.....I just want to see if I have got the hang of using Imageshack. Please indulge me and check out the following screenshot of my first project (I warn you - if it works, there's more to come).

Yaaay! It works and better than I thought. The post is showing the pictures and not just a link as I was expecting. Thanks, then, to ImageShack, dh2k3 and AJ Fox for getting me there. These little victories in life do so much for morale.

As to the screenies, King's Canon is a fictitious Great Western branch terminus somewhere between Exeter and Newton Abbot in the 1930's. I intend to model this in N-gauge some time in the future and am using Trainz to prove the viability of the track plan and to work out traffic schedules and stock requirements. The track plan is a shameless copy of Ian Hollis' EM-gauge layout Alkham which was featured in the March 06 issue of British Railway Modelling. The following pictures show the progress of a train from the fiddle yard to the goods arrivals road which is almost at the end of the line. The layout would be about 12' long when built but only occupies about one-quarter of a Trainz baseboard.

Enter stage right from the fiddle yard beyond the bridge.

Over the bridge into King's Canon

My kind of country!

Entering the station precincts.

What is wrong with that corona?

Crossing onto the goods road.

End of the line.

Edit: Ah! Now I get it! One pic (presumably there a file size limit) displays automatically but wholesale lots will only show the link.
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No, if you press the little yellow square that looks like a mountain with a little square in the upper right corner, you can paste a weblink into there for each of your screenshots, but only one at a time. Press the ENTER key after each one, to leave a small space between them, which aids in fellow users viewing experience.