Paddington to Bristol FAULTY!


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In the Paddington to Bristol part 4, the Gravel Bank 01 is faulty. How do I fix it?

Revert options are not available.

Please can you help?
I have this one installed and it show errors

Gravel Bank 01 by johnny211 Kuid:46219:38000

That error is correct as it stands. There maybe a parameter that is missing such as the type of track on it, however, try the following:

Open the asset for editing in Explorer, delete that line from the config.txt.

Close the folder, commit, and check for errors again.

Don't understand what the problem is now. You're killing me with tiny bits of information. In the future, give us everything at once rather than these little snot bits because it makes troubleshooting difficult. You do this all the time with your content problems and it drags on the posts forever.

So what's the error you're getting now?