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The way I usually make a new object is to start with a basic outline and then add new parts. Each iteration is imported into Trainz to see how it looks in game.

I import the object folder into content manager.
I import the modified object folder into content manager. The previous iteration is still placed in Trainz
The new iteration is open for edit so I Submit Edits. The previous iteration is still placed in Trainz
I delete the previous iteration from Content Manager.
I import the modified object folder into content manager. The previous iteration is still placed in Trainz
I delete the test route and start a new route. Now the latest iteration is placed in the map.

Does a route keep a cache of previously placed objects and use it instead of getting the latest version from the database? If so, how do i clear this cache apart from exiting the route?

All this in Trainz22PE
Yeah Martin, this makes content creation real hard the last few years
specially when you script or work on engine files, you never know if the game now uses the latest edit

What i do here, is always edit/build completely outside the Trainz environment (so never in "Open for edit")
I delete the old version in route/session and CM. then add the new one, kinda force trainz to use only the new one.
In your local folder of any build are a few files with cache in the name,
think they are safe to delete but I leave them alone normally.
We struggle on but still have fun (I hope) greetings GM
I've noticed that when repairing content. Fix an obvious typo in a config.txt file. Submit the asset and get the same error again. I ended up doing what G.M. does it's much saner that way.
I suppose this would not be a bug, per say, but an unintended consequence of an attempt to improve something. They wouldn't do this to deliberately frustrate creators, would they? :rolleyes:
Now if there was a way to 100% force a new reading of the database and not rely on whatever is in the cache without jumping through hoops. :unsure:

As for the problem at hand, I've started to add small but visually obvious cues in my object whenever I make changes in the logic or where there is not much difference to see so I know which version is being used. I know, rather tedious but what can you do when the system doesn't help?
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I have found that (at least on a large route) that if I move very far away from the object that I have just modified (the other end of the route for example), the object is no longer in memory so when I move back to the object, the newest version of the object is loaded from the hard drive. This is faster than exiting surveyor and reloading the entire route, which of course also works.
Most of the time I don't have a problem with this but it does happen and, as G.M. mentioned, eSpecs are a definite culprit. If I suspect this is happening I will just remove the object from the route/session, save, shut down Trainz, and restart. No idea if caching or anything of that nature is the cause. Yesterday I started up a simple test route that I've had for years and Trainz spent about 10 minutes caching something. I hadn't downloaded anything so no idea what it was doing but the PC fans were getting hot and bothered!