Nvidia latest geforce gtx280/260 performance

Those suckers are huge, and have 6-pin and 8-pin power connectors. And I'm going to assume with the separate fan unit, you will need to use both.

Imagine trying to SLI that. *shudders*:confused:
They aren't that much.. about as expensive as my 8800 GTX was over a year ago. I'm hoping to get the EVGA one - they are built for water cooling with water block already on them - I'd like to make my whole computer water cooled - the amount of noise it makes right now is making it dificult to sleep :)
Actually looking at the tests, you're better off buying a 9800 GX2, it's twice the GPUs and almost half the price.
I have an Antac P180 case with 2x9600gt's in it & the power connectors are hard up against the front HDD's in the front bays.I had to undo the screws & pivot the drives up to plug the cards in.
If these are any longer they must be huge.