No products listed in JR Multi Industry


Hello all when I go to the plus symbol in the JR Multi Industry to add products. No products are coming up. Usually it take`s a little bit to load and they all show up. But it`s just instantly popping up with a empty list. Any solutions to fixing this possibly? Thanks
All of my commodities seem to check out fine no warnings or errors all but two. No multi industry track seem`s to show any commodities not just JR`s. Now that I checked them all out. I checked against Shane`s list and have none of the listed problem assets. Last downloaded commodities were from two months ago. Did not experience the issue back then.(Problem solved guys I found the issue had some products listed as unknown deleted those entries. Then removed a default freight car kuid listing out of a hydrochloric acid product. Now it is back to normal! Thank`s guys for the tips. It definitely pointed me in the right direction!)
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