no downloads showing in game?


KUID Hunter
i have downloaded some Scenarios and Session but none are showing in trainz 2004. i used the trainz helper program and it is saying that they are being installed. i ran TrainzObjectz and it fixed a few files. i must have d/l at least 5-10 and only 1 has shown up in trainz. am i doing something wrong? should i reinstall? thanks for the help.
1) What build are you on? Have you updated to Service Pack 4?

2) Do you have PaintShed installed and have created an item with it, and have saved it?

3) What scenario is this? Do you have a KUID number of it or the name of it?

4) Have you also downloaded the corresponding map and it's dependencies needed for it to run?


i did a reinstall and patch up to SP4. seems to be working now. also FYI it seems to not work right if you use opera insted of IE for your web broser. still geting file problems with missing content on some downloads but that i can work out. thanks for the help.
You can always click on 'View Pack' and manually download each item. It is a laborious way of doing it but it does work, and download helper will just say 'Idle...Nothing to Download' if a particular item has already downloaded successfully. Trainz Objectz is a great resource but it too can cause problems with missing assets.

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