NG2 Track


Trainz Lover
There is a route I downloaded, and there is some 2 foot gauge track on it, It shows two white rail things whee the track should be, I went onto the DLS and installed all the dependencies, but when I relaunched the route, it was still like that. Can anyone help me?
Try isolating the track as a resource in CMP, on it's own.

Firstly try downloading again and there's a chance it will pick up the dependencies.

If not right click the item and select show dependencies. Transfer to the CMP window, select all and then download.

Sometimes CMP simply fails to pick up dependencies of a parent item, or where the dependency itself sometimes has further dependencies.

If all else fails, if you can select the track via the picker in Surveyor, try using the replace function to change out with a 2ft gauge track which does display correctly.
Just a minor point. The number following the "NG" represents the track gauge measured in inches, not feet. You were obviously referring to NG24 (2 ft) track, not a hobby 2 inch track.
In a perfect world it would however Shortline2 uses an NG2 prefix for her 2ft track, so that should narrow it down a bit, as far as I know she is the only one who uses NG2.