Newbie needs help


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Completely new to Trainz 2006. Have two important questions right off -
1) In external view, how to you "toggle off-on" all the switch numbers and those red/green arrows, and all track spur names, industries, etc? Those numbers and names on the screen are real immersion killers for me.
2) Is there any way just to explore a route? And how do you pick a train to do the exploring?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks and have a Happy New Year
Two way's to get rid of names and arrows. In surveyor go to the edit session and in the setup you can deselect the help. From in driver move cursor to top left and click on the ? icon to switch off help.
If you want to explore from the rails you don't need a train. any locomotive will do. just place it on the rails in surveyor mode and go to driver mode (Ctrl + F2).
If you would like to fly or walk the layout, there is a way to do that in surveyor mode. I don't recall how.:(
To pick a train, you need to open the route in Surveyor and place a train on the track, adding whichever locomotives and other rolling stock you see fit. If you feel like using a premade consist, hit the consist button and pick one already made for you. Save the session and open it up in Driver and you can go wherever you like. Or, within Surveyor, hit the second button on the menu bar, which will open up Driver from within Surveyor.
You can see a map diagram by clicking the map button bottom right of screen (ish) when in a route, and then pan in/out. Not a 3D view though, just diagramatic.