New Video Editing Software questions (please read......)


Hello all,

I know I've been making YouTube videos with windows movie maker. I mean it's okay, but I'm currently looking for some video editing software that's not as "basic" as WMM.

If any Trainzers out there have any suggestions for good video making software, please post below.

I'm posting this because I'm thinking about possibly making a Trainz video series, and I want some video editing software that's powerful enough to handle the tasks.

I'm not super concerned about the price, I can always save my money for it.

Sorry if I'm sounding kinda rude here, but I did some research on this topic, but not very successfully.

If anyone's got suggestions on what I've just said, please post below.

I'd also like to note that I use Bandicam for recording videos. Not editing them.

thanks for your help,
I know a lot in this topic because I've done a few TTTE remakes. For video capturing, I recommend FRAPS, and for editing video's, I recommend Camtasia Studio 8.
Hi William,

I have used a combination of FRAPS, to capture the Trainz action in Driver, then did my splicing and editing in Pinnacle Systems Pinnacle Studio Video Editor.

It was really, really easy to use and has some nice video post effects as well which help with transitions, titling, etc.

Well, FRAPS seems to be the most used choice for capture software. However if you don't want to fork out money on forehand for video editing software I advice to have a look at Shotcut first. It's a free, open source cross-platform video editor that offers all that's needed for frame precise editing of images as well as sound track.

Greetings from rainy Amsterdam,

frogpipe --

True, but the topic might still be of interest to others.

There are really only two that anyone should consider:
DaVinci Resolve.

The first is open source. The second has a free version and is extremely powerful, once you master it.