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On a new installation once you've created a new data directory and copied the contents of the user local folder etc, and entered the new data location in the installation can the redirect-map,txt be deleted as it doesn't seem to serve a purpose.
N3V knowledgebase states this this should not be deleted but I think this is no longer the case.

I could be wrong, but I believe that text file is used to refer Trainz to various locations. The path to the build folder is actually what is in the launcher path. In other words, when you enter it into the launcher, it is stored in that file for reference. You probably could try backing the file up somewhere and then deleting it and see if it gets re-created. You can always put the backup back in place. I hope. The file on mine is only 1k, so it is not like saving much space or anything.
Trainz will still look at the default location for the folder. The redirect file then tells it the new location to look in. The settings path is used by CM to install new content.
Thanks for the replies. I've had a good look in the file and it also contains a number of references to directories that are no longer used. I have just installed a fresh installation of TANE and the new directory is an entry in the redirect-map.txt so there is definite interaction.
I should have looked before asking this rather basic question but I just overlooked the fact that being a text file I could just open it to see the contents.


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