New Download Station


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I just thought it was funny that Auran and NV3 Games are now my new eye Doctor! If you go to the new download station and you can read the text on the sessions button, your good to go!

This text may be too small to read

but if you can you have really good

eye sight! LOLZ!
The solution is to use the Black Pages. Google "Auran DLS" for the link. If you've got Firefox, it's got a Bookmarks Toolbar bar along the top for your most-used bookmarks, and you can drag-n-drop the DLS link in for easy access every time. Way more convenient than the links along the top of the forums anyway.
Try this

You can control the font and image sizes in your computer very easily.

By holding Ctrl and rolling your mouse wheel you can make everything appear even smaller ... :D

... or, to solve the problem, larger if you roll the wheel in the opposite direction. A lot of us have to do this these days!:hehe: