New desktop PC coming soon.

I would be interested to know the budget needed for such PC....
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I would be interested to know the badget needed for such PC....

Hello Jag,

I looked down on the chest area of my woolly ganzi and the badget pinned there says, "More money than sense". This is because I too spent as much as I could hide from the ladywife on a geet big PC, with Threadripper CPU, RTX3090 GPU and similar stuff. It has to last until I die, which is a dangerous equation to agree too as the ladywife may put me in the compost heap if that RTX3090 goes PHUT! after the warranty runs out in 5 years time.

As others have noted, buying a pre-built PC is currently the best bang for one's bucks, as buying components will soon have you completely bald from the several scalpings. Even so, if one heads up market to near the airy peaks, many thousands must be transferred from your pocket to that of the computer vendor. However, it's still worth a couple of hundred extra for the 3 or even 5 year warranty rather than accepting just the 1 or 2 year variety. Also, you are buying the chest-puff of feeling better-orf than the hoi-polloi, them with their mere i9s and RTX 3080s. :)

Anyroadup, I've told my new PC that it has to keep going until 2050; or until we're all dead of weather, whichever comes first. The only worry now is - can I aford the electricity to run the bluddy thing? Those energy provider rascals are putting up the price of a KWh every day!

Lataxe, doing skiing (Spending the Kid's Inheritance).
Well I will join in here and provide some pricing that I have just paid to upgrade my 7 year old system, all prices are likely to go down if we get the supply line running right again.
I am upgrading to a Gen12 i9 12900K, it is running about ($613) right now. We (my son and I are both upgrading mine because of age and his because of CPU meltdown when liquid cooling system failed). He has gotten an Asus Z590 MB and just ordered a Gen 11, i9 11900K, he is taking the DDR4 from my old machine 32 Gig, and looking at a 3070 card if he can find one. I am changing out an MSI Carbon Pro Z390, with a i9 9900, guess it is not as old as I thought with an Asus Z690 Strix E Motherboard ($469), DDR5 5600 G.Skill Ram ($449), Replacing the 1080 Founders Card with a Asus 3080 10Gig card ($1409 for the 3080 card and the 590 Motherboard ($359), AIO Asus 360 Liquid Cooling CPU unit ($230), the 590 Strix E Board has 4 M.2 slots, while the Z690 Strix Board has 3 M.2 on the board and 2 additional on the Asus M.2 Card. These should get us through the next 7-10 years. So approx total so far about 3100 for both machines. I am still to stubborn to not build my own machine, been doing it for just over 40 years....
So Yesterday was D-day for my rig and the old faithfull asus z170 pro gaming will be used to furbish my very old 2nd rig for the worst case that never came.
So Today I reach a new level of seventh heaven with the new beast I call it but a very silent one to admit!
Mobo is MSI Z690 pro ddr4 WIFI with an i9 12900k 3200Mhz and for the moment the old corsair 32GB 1066Mhz until i getn a better feeling for what dram would make most sense to add 23600Mhz or 4000 Mhz 2 Dimms 2x16GB. Anything else is way to pricy.
4 SSD connected and 2 more ready to mount and connect just in case.
Trainz is running marvelous and working on the projects is just a charm for the moment.
What a difference the i9 12900Mhz and the new mobo make so like me my dog druling when the big T bone arrived.
The CoolerMaster C700P is 'pricy' but when i see how we the store and me yesterday fiddled and optimized the usage and good cable management than one understand a very good case with lots of room and good design is key to a superb rig, which I think I have right now.
Good for the next 5-7 years for sure(i hope lol)so the investment is well woreth if one can afford.
For sure trainz now for me is a much more fun way to work and since 14 years for the first time drive a lot to fiddle with stuff and see if it is looking good for release.
Calgary is at the moment the hotspot for me to finish sort of with a first release maybe around July.
You all have a great time.

Congratulations, Roy on getting your new build together. My new Dell arrives on January 31st.

My old motherboard had another stroke and lost a network port. It's a good thing I have two.