New CSX Branch Route WIP (Large Pics)


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Hello all,
I hardly ever go public on my projects, but if you've been keeping up with me I suffered a computer hard drive crash recently that left me without anything left in Trainz. So a fresh start with TS12. I lost a lot of work on other routes, but they were large routes... if you know my past releases - I'm not accustomed to large routes. Taking some lessons in I've decided to start another route, this one currently being a CSX branch line. It's all fictional and fun, but I'm looking for some ideas and what better spot than to just post it here? (well, maybe a few other options, but eh)

Anyway, here's the beef. This route is a branch line that was originally laid by the NYC. It's got one yard in the middle right now and I'm thinking on another. I'm playing with the concept of making it a hump yard to see how it works, no real testing done, but the design I feel is decent. I want it to be roughly Midwestern like the CSX lines in Indiana/Illinois/Ohio. So farms, grain, etc... The basic track profile is that it's all single track with passing sidings. I feel that offers a more branch line feel to it. The whole deal I'm going for is that the line lacked under Conrail Secondary days and it's finally coming back up with business with CSX. It has two passing sidings beyond one that's part of the yard profile and the yard itself has a few sections. I wanted to make the yard more segregated to allow players to make up their trains one on end and stack them ready to go on another. I feel some tweaks need to be done to get that right before it's done. I also threw in a small train-to-truck Intermodal unloading section. Then there's a trench, a few industries, and a Other than that, I have some road outlines done and am working on topography. I still haven't gotten used to topography before track, but I'm getting better with it. Here are a few pics of what I have so far: