new animated junctions


It's old but it works
Hi all,
A couple of months ago someone was working on some new animated junctions which were reportedly very good. I seem to remember the person making them was going to upload within a short while, the trouble is I cannot remember who it was and as the forum has gone pear shaped I can't check back. Can some one bring this thread back to life. I'm keen to know what progress has been made. Cheers and thanks to anyone who can shed some light on it. Best regards to all.
Hi All, Hi Don,

I remember this thread. If I don't make a mistake, these juctions have been created by a spanish member of TRS community. May be posting in spanish forum ...


Hi All,

The name of this member is raildumper. I also wait for those famous animated junctions, and after a quick look on the spanish forum, I found this thread that say nothing more about the availability of them.

I wonder if they will be available one day ... :confused:

Hi All,
Thanks for the update Jean-Marc. Btw I liked the look of your site. Best regards.