Need someones help with a project

Hey all i have tried to get paint shed to work but it not responding so i need someone that might be able to do this for me...i did try to get hold of Davico but he doesnt recieve private messages.....anyhow to what i need....

QR has bought a new train into there fleet and its similar to this one (60723:112) but it is a different color if someone can help to paint this item to the colours required please visit to see the colours required would be appreciated if someone can help hopefully i can sort out my not responding issues take care Jason:)
I'm not trying to be rude, but how hard have you tried to get Paintshed working?
What version Trainz are you running? What service pack level?
Hi i have trainz2006 i have the 1st service pack its not that paintshed wont work its that it goes to not responding everytime i try to get a template loaded on there from cmp
Hmmmm, have you checked to see if any of the faulty content you have is a paintshed item? I know there are some errors in the default list.
I'm not at home, so I can't check. I've never tried to paint that particular item. I will check tomorrow and see if I get the same "not responding" and post back to let you know. I'd be interested to see if it threw an error in everyone's version.
great that would be appreciated i will try some others and see if i get the same response.....will let you know as soon as i have done Jason
I have tried others and i am getting the same response it is cmp that goes to not responding but as soon as i open task manager and end task on paintshed the cmp comes back from not responding very strange:'(
I have the exact same problem.

But, Paintshed worked fine on the desktopwithout SP1. Now I have it on my laptop with SP1 and it opens, but doesn't load any templates. When I check the Windows Task manager, it says Paintshed is not responding.

Oh, yeah, I'm using Vista. Maybe that's what's messing it up?