NEC project + reskins


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I am going to be improving and adding on to farejoint's NEC routes, join them together at Baltimore and also add on to the route at Perryville heading north to at least Philly, using a combination of blank DEM from fishlipsatwork and the Philly to Wilmington route from the built-in routes. I am also reskinning an Amtrak toaster into MARC, it's the one from an external Amtrak Trainz site that is now only available on a site that has horn downloads, forget the name. But the original author of the toaster is Virtual Beech Grove. Amtrak is actually retiring all the toasters as the new Siemens units come in, MARC is also slowly replacing them with the new diesel units with a round slanted front. Not sure about NJT or SEPTA if they still have their toasters. NJT got new electric units that look European-ish. BTW the farejoint routes are missing four items by Gandalf not sure what they are, Trainz Commuter Rail doesn't have them.


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How about if someone has this route installed and has no missing items can tell me what the four Gandalf items are? They would be in the dependency list, in CM select view dependencies and look for the author Gandalf0444 four times. Will missing deps show up in the route after you made an alternate copy under your id?