Nearly a Year


Multiplayer Guru
So here's some updates on stuff. Been on and off working on the Saginaw Sub rebuild. I plan on getting the LSRC portion done enough to operate and sending that off to a few friends to test.

Im getting a little hung up with grade crossings and CMTM. See, knowing the size of the railroad, as I am going though and laying track I am at least getting all the grade crossings put in. Not all the roads, but at least the ones that will have active automobile tragic over them. The idea being that I can name them all in order from 1 to what ever, and if something is wrong it is easier to pin point what ones the problem. But here's the snag. ATLS has been giving me issues in TANE since I made the switch to TANE. I know what the problems are and I know how to fix them. But its very time consuming to build ATLS crossings I had one on the old version that had 13 triggers for one crossing. And so I made the switch to TRC system and its much easier. Draw back is that the selection of US style crossings is limited. I can get some functionality out of ATLS crossings, but its limited. And I know that The Back Shops has some, but I want to avoid paid content. Since I plan to release this as a free route when I turn 80. (As I type that I am paying for the Back Shops set)

And then there is CMTM. As many of you might know, I love operations. And CMTM is my go to asset for making that happen. Forget industry tracks. But this to has been giving me issues and I have no idea how to fix it. I cant get trains to come out of a portal and get records. Which largely kills any hopes of using CMTM for iPortaling or anything in the future.

Idk, its those things that made me take nearly a year off of working on the route, after taking 3 years off from Trainz in general to play Run8 and deal with real life stuff.

And one last thing, a discord for reasons I have no idea: