Narrow Focus

Nice! Honestly by the looks of it most of the assets you've used in these shots should transfer over to the 19/22 lighting pretty well. The trick with billboard assets in 19/22 is getting the lighting just right. But it looks like most of the trees are st_rmm, which is great in my opinion. Also yes, this is my favorite era of the D&RGW narrow gauge.
Appreciate it Eric! Hope all has been well.

A slightly delayed Train 115, the westbound San Juan, heads towards Durango after setting out the RPO which developed a hotbox coming down the hill. Once the express was moved to the head coach, the train left town. K-37 #497 builds up the evening's first Cumbres Turn at the west end of the yard, and will pull a cut out after the passenger train clears. The Chama depot is just visible above the 473's cab.

when will the route possibly be ready for release ?
looks so amazing def will be spending many hours running trains up and down the line