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It seems as though it's finally time to post a teaser of this collaboration; details may follow....

Rio Grande era. Hwy 17 is still a dirt road and in its old location. Just take my money already.
Thanks gents. You'd be correct ;)


I spent about a year working on this route to get it accurate from old images etc, most of the early roads are different to the present day, then had some issues with items uncontrollably duplicating themselves through the whole route, so gave up as I figured that it would be a route somebody would dedicate themselves into making accurately someday. its a big job, looks great so far, good luck !.
Modeling Cumbres Pass aint for the faint of heart! It took me around 2.5 years on my version of it. I'm glad Bendorsey was able to make some of the buildings and trestles for me and the community when I was working on my version of the route. One of his final projects before his passing.
D&RGW K-37s 493 and 495, cut in ahead of the caboose, blast eastward on their second Cumbres Turn of the day, after just passing the second crossing east of Chama. They'll separately return back to Chama just before the sun sets, making one final trip up the pass tomorrow morning, before the road locomotive brings the full 66 car freight to Alamosa.


These are not the K-36s that Steve is working on.
Appreciate it Eric! Hope all has been well.

A slightly delayed Train 115, the westbound San Juan, heads towards Durango after setting out the RPO which developed a hotbox coming down the hill. Once the express was moved to the head coach, the train left town. K-37 #497 builds up the evening's first Cumbres Turn at the west end of the yard, and will pull a cut out after the passenger train clears. The Chama depot is just visible above the 473's cab.

Do you think this route package would contain a session (or some sessions) by any chance or will another source do the sessions if possible? Just kind of curious, because I like doing the operations than creating them. Otherwise, do look forward to playing with trains on this route.
Thanks Dietrich, I'm doing well! I hope all is well with you too.

And awesome work! Your latest shot looks fantastic!
Alec, absolutely. A lot of research has gone into the operations over various periods of this line's existence. There are fewer resources out there for how things operated in the '40s, when this is set, but there is a plethora of material out there on the '50s and '60s once the 4th Division was all that was left. Either way, there will certainly be lots of support materials and sessions to keep everybody occupied. Even by the early '60s, this was still a pretty busy stretch of railroad. The portion that I'm focusing on (Gato to Chama to Cumbres) offers a lot of operational possibilities that make sense in the Trainz world.

I'm still plugging away here and there on this project. Basic scenery has been completed over the entire thing (there really is not a whole lot of stuff out here!), and now I've been going back to detail areas that call for it. All track is laid, sidings included, as well as mileposts and other important pieces. It's fully operable.

A Cumbres Turn with K-36 489 and K-36 480 out of view waters up at Cresco.

After just visiting for the first time I can say you nailed scenery, especially the trackside areas at Cresco! Looks very well detailed and am exited to see where this project goes, keep up the good work!
Appreciate it, thanks very much! One of these days I’ll start working on this in 22, rather than TANE. It’s a fun project, especially with how D&RGW operations were at the time.