MyTrainz store visa gift card

Hello can i buy trainz a new era with a visa gift card thanks.

1) I don't see why not. It should work just like a credit/debit card.

2) I'd hate to be "that guy", but this is the very wrong place for this thread.

It depends......
I have found that a lot of prepaid cards will not work on non-US websites now due to new money laundering/anti terror laws. Only cards that you can register with your personal info seem to work anymore,
I'm not sure, but it seems the new Trainz Portal Store is US based. All prices are in USD, while the old Simulator Central store had prices in AUD.

I'd hate to be "that guy"
So don't be :p. Just report the topic (by clicking on that tiny triangle) to let us moderators know (by putting in "wrong area, probably should be in xyz" or something similar) and we (most likely me lol) will move it and if needed inform the poster.

Topic moved :) .