my stoopid questions


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1. how do you stretch a tube in gmax? trying to fit it with a box at the bottom of the tube but it's sticking out
2. if you want to place things like rails in the tube do you just need a bitmap of it, how would you make TRS recognize that it is rails
4. stations are created in gmax too right?
5. how would you place lighting inside the objects
7. how would you implement 3rd rails? Does TRS even recognize existance of 3rd rails? (mine are going on the top of the tube

for #1 here is a reference of what i'm talking about:

it looks like it lines up but something tells me the lengths might be still off. just want you make sure they are the same distance.
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Third rail tracks are built in Trainz. I can't remember the names, but just in a simple explanation, Trainz already has 3rd rail tracks.