My Sound disappeared from the game


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I was in the midst of creating a new session when, as soon as I was in driver mode, I realized the game audio had suddenly gone completely mute.

I don't know what happened as my PC sound is completely unaffected. I can still listen to spotify, I can hear YouTube videos, everything else is fine. I think I might've unknowingly hit a combination of keys that muted the game but I'm not sure. What can I do to get it back?
Right-click on the speaker icon located on the taskbar near the clock. You may need to open the pull-up menu to see it.

Choose Sound Mixer.

Check that the sound isn't muted.

Sometimes, another speaker will be chosen such as one located on your monitor even though you can't hear anything from it. If this is what has occurred, change that to your speakers you use and you should be fine.
If for whatever reason Trainz loses sound, it does not pick it back up without closing Trainz, making sure the sound is OK, and starting Trainz up again. Unlike other apps, Trainz will not check again to see if it is available. This may or may not have changed with the new sound drivers for 22, I have not heard.