My long stored giant Glasgow Tramway (closed 1962) -any thoughts folks?


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Firstly when I came across Trainz by sheer chance years ago now (!) I found that I could build on that a lot easier than on an alternative so I mused on doing a bit of the former Glasgow tramway system. The city had the largest one outside of London and it was some tramway (I was chuffed as a boy that an uncle was a tram driver!), Anyway I thought would try and do a bit of the long gone system. Fortunately i got hold of a giant penned sketch map of every line including two closed prior to th 2nd World War from an annual model rail event. My original thought was just to attempt the west side of the city where I have always lived but left me frustrated and then added the city centre and stopped agin with lines starting east and north going nowhere so once again off I wnt. On and off over a year everything north of the River Clyde was done and bridges in the city centre cross the Clyde and nothing. In due course after off and on in two years the south, southeast, southwest all got done and I traced where every street terminus used to be and I walked all of the 141.37 miles that used to be. It was eventually moved into TRS12 when I got that and it is still stored and only 2 people have a copy with one of them who lived in nearby Clydebank and came to my home for a copy. It is a bit rough in places but I am thinking it probably long overdue for me to get it available to tram fans.

A Trainzer built all the different type of trams including the Standard, Kilmarnock Bogie, single-decker, Coronation (including flashing turning lights (they were beautiful cars and I travelled on them), Cunarder. Unlike some places which had a curved loop at a terminus Glasgow simply had the tram move over points between the 2 tracks to go back so I put invisible loops so folk would find that okay. Glasgow had a number of depots running into double figures and i have them in and for the fun of it did something amusing. A new line had been planned away back in the 1950's but not built but I went to the effort of adding it!

Just seems a pity although a bit rough in places that I have not had this out for Trainz fans who like trams to get it so maybe it is time I did something about that folks rather than just limited to 2 fans and myself. You can visit my old Trainz Glasgow tram site below and the old city map of the lines you see lines going off the page but in each section I have for the city - north, south and so on I have just done a rough sketch to show them all. This is a really big project and modelled on a big system sadly long gone. Over the recent times I have been on another large project across the Irish Sea and kep putting off whether my tramway was good enough for general use. Here is the link for you to see that long stored thing and each area of the system has it's own section. It was for all it's challenges my effort to remember a tramway that was hugely popular and when the procession of trams did a city centre tour a quarter of a million turned out to crowd the streets to say farewell.

Now here is a general chance to view my early attempt on Trainz in an ambitious and giant way........


Hi Bobby
It would be a waste not to share it with everyone after all the work put in to it. You can still improve the route even though it is on the DLS and put an update later if you feel it warrants it. You may get more help or suggestions from a wider source if fans of trams can see and operate the route.
Hello stagecoach,

It will be actually progressive to see if there is any wide reaction. As a youngster I loved the trams and when my mother took me into the city centre it was always by tram. Must admit that i never ever gave intitial thought to doing the whole system as mused it being too big at well over a hundred miles and I walked every former route. All thos Glasgow trams or "caurs" as the locals called them are on the DLS and the creator did them due to what i was then slowly building. Okay when i later moved on to railway building I got a bit more improving but there is so much to explore here and is why I did west, central, north, east, south, south-east, south-west slideshows. It takes a while to drive about so let's see if any interest......... :)
Maybe run it up in TRS2019 and see how it looks under the (modified) new lighting conditions. Do a bit of refurbishment maybe with the new PBR textures then put it out on general release? I'm sure there is a fair percentage of Trainz users who would appreciate a decent size tram route to play with. At least it has the correct trams to go with it. I've tried to do a tram route myself a couple of times (usually pre-Flexity Blackpool) but gave up because we don't unfortunately have the predominant vehicles - Balloons, Railcars, Twin-car and Coronations - in the database.
I went into the building mode and scanned over it and counted and there are are least 242 boards and may be a very odd board out in counting! So it is sizeable. Would say that in later times when got to know Trainz better and working on and off a big project across the Irish Sea (N. Ireland Rlys and part of Irish Rail to Dublin and 2 lines off that!) it is a bit better scenic-wise but the first trainz attempt years ago on the tramway was still a very large thing and I did include over a dozen depots that had existed on it. Virtual hours of driving or just exploring and as said here Glasgow trams of all types for using. I moved it to a repeated new Trainz as such came out and is presently on TR12. Thinking of getting TRS19 though.

Never thought I would ever do all of the Glasgow project but as a kid loved the trams to bits and my late mother had left being a cook in a posh house to being a tram conductress in WW2. She loved the tramway Dept and I grew up with the same attitude. At least for all it's initial issues on my ong ago firt attempt in Trainz that eventually more will get it than just one Glasgow man who came to my home and another across the Irish Sea! Interesting to s the number of trainzers who have visited this message and hope there will be others interested.