My Laptop follies


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I have ordered and Received Trainz Classics. Prior to my temporary station in Chicago I purchased a laptop Inspiron 8200. I brought it used I had the specifications I needed 1.5 ghz processor 256 MB video card and I told the dealer what I wanted. Well this here machine has a 32 MB video card and no trainz classics doesn't work very well on it. After a wild goose chase I contacted Dell Parts Department 1-800-357-3355 and it turns out that the video card on this laptop can be upgraded with a NVIDIA Quadro4 700 GO GL 64 MB video card. I have ordered the part now I just need to find a shop in Chicago who will put it in. I mention all of this because Geek Squad at BEST BUY which is where I went to first said the Graphics Card on a Laptop is soildered into the motherboard and can't be changed. This is not a true statement. The Inspiron 8200 can accept video card upgrades as well as a processor upgrade it can be extended to a 2 Ghz. My processor is 1.4 and I think that will cut it needles to say this dealer I bought the machine from wasn't to good. Since this is my temporary computer I think I can live with the 64 mb graphics card I'll just put the draw distance way down. Anyhow always get a second opinon about technical advice especially if someone tells you "It can't be done". Now this Laptop has a C chasis for the motherboard and I understand that a more powerful graphics card than 64 mb can not be installed.