My hud shrank


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My hid only w
show 3 items, speed, speed limit etc. Will some tell me how to gog thr full hud back where distance and next speed etc are shon on the hud. Thanks it would save this old man so much frustration.
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If this is on new sessions that you have created then you need to add one of the Display HUD rules when editing the session.

Here is a selection some are builtin others you may need to download from the DLS:

Quick Custom Hud Library,<kuid2:61392:4008:22>
Quick Custom HUD Manager,<kuid2:61392:5020:21>
mc Display Custom HUD V2,<kuid2:61392:1070:2>
mc Display Custom HUD,<kuid2:41009:1023:1>
mc Custom HUD V2,<kuid2:61392:1069:5>
mc Custom HUD,<kuid2:41009:1022:1>
Display Custom HUD,<kuid:-3:10206>
Custom HUD,<kuid:-18:1200>