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I am sorry, but I have tried to refrain from making this post for months, but at sometime one needs to simply bite down and do what they feel they need to do.
I did not know what a forum was until I purchased SP3 and joined this forum. I was a programmer for 20 yrs and never had access to the internet until 6 years ago (wasn't available when I was programming) .
I went through the CAPS ONLY, the newbie questions, slowly joined the 'regular's group', and waffled (just a little). Confronted Lance for things I truely thought were correct (recieved 3 e-mails, that I would possibly be banned for 90 days), but they were never hard-core attacks, simply my thoughts on Auran's ideals and/or policies.
The forums are a very difficult avenue of corresponding, no face to face, no immediate feed-back , no ability to interject, one simply posts thier thoughts and then sits back for either praise or a handful of rocks.
But, I muttled through it, and still love to post my thoughts and I still have remained able to dodge the stones.
It is a tough area to cummunicate and one needs to learn how do duck thier head !
Post what you desire to, but do not expect 100% compliance, don't run, but be prepared to cover your head, others have their thoughts also !

Waiting for a rock or two ---DLR
No rocks from me. You've summed up the growing pains that many of us go through when facing forums. Only 8 years ago, I was just learning about the Internet as well. Up to that time, I had CompuServe, which gave us network access, but not to the Internet as we know it today. The world of communcation has changed tremendously in this short time. As I type this message, I am also logging into my college class that I am taking through a distance learning program. Who would've thought about this 10 years ago.

No reason to apologize for that post, and I'm fresh out of rocks! It never ceases to amaze me how someone will take issue with whatever you post, however nicely you post it! Better to not waste your time trying to bulletproof your opinion, and just post what's on the top of your pointy head, the results will be the same. Some will agree, and some will not.

What you have posted is good advice, at least in my little opinion.

Nice post deeelare, I agree wholeheartedly that this forum is a very difficult place to communicate at times, one has to bite one's own tongue on occassions, and being over 45 yrs old I still cannot grasp the younger generation's methods, thoughts and the way they interpret simple things. We all have to overcome the tongue-in-cheek comments, the snide remarks, the unpoliteness, answers to questions without thanks, et al, however, there are some wonderful posts and threads on a daily basis to follow, and that is what makes this place so addictive to many of well as playing Trainz of course....:hehe:

Cheerz. ex-railwayman. :wave: which direction?...

8) ...."just" six or eight years?...years?...only six or eight years...have we learned anything?

Leave it up to US-Americans, to post like this on Christmas!

Oh well...

At least the spelling, sentence structure and punctuation is correct...

Merry Christmas!

The forums are a way to communiate, and a bit of 'company' for some. I use it primarily to advertize and to help others that have ideas or problems.

I have had a LOT of stones thrown at me, thats OK, its like owning a store, if you put things out for display, people usually pass by if not good enough, or buy if they like, but usually dont approach the store owner and complain.

That said, forums only account for 5-10% of my web traffic, but the forums are a common point for looking for items required by Trainzers, if they cant find in the DLS.

If you want better comms, then fill in your profile with ichat, Yahoo Messenger, skype or whatever, then you can get 1 on 1 talking.

I also was a programmer, right back to the days of Intel 4004 right up to today, got to the internet, met my wife from USA on Yahoo Chat, and wound up in freezing PA, thats technology for you !!!
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