Murchison Reskin Set WIP (Large Pics)

Hello, all.

Rather than cluttering the "Show off your Reskins!" thread with my pics, i thought i'd create my own thread for my latest mini-project.

So, after installing the Murchison Route from SirGibby, i was surprised to see the underwhelming amount of locomotives lettered for the Murchison Logging Co. now in my game, so the first thing i though was, "How am i gonna create some sessions for the route without enough locomotives?", and got to work on a new set of reskins for the Murchison Logging Co., and here they are (or at least some of them).

First up, a Heavy 4-4-0 with a small tender (Numbers 250 - 253).


Next, a Medium 2-8-0 with a large tender (Numbers 500 and 501)


And finally (for now), a Light 2-6-2 with a small tender (Numbers 350 - 353)


So, what do you think? What improvements can i make to the batch so far? Any criticism is welcome (within reason). There'll be more later when i get the time.

Looks good Chris! I like the dirty, road-run scheme on them. While I've never purchased/use the Murchison layout, they would still make a great addition to a route such as the Highland Valley (or Kickstarter County for the up-to-date users, not including myself).

One thing I would like to suggest would be the possibility of placing a fictional "Murchison Logging Co" logo on the rear of the tender, or under the cab window. That would be very unique!

Keep up the good work!