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I had an enjoyable multiplayer session this morning with two other players on Krashnburne. Thanks guys - it was a pleasure.

Before the session crashed I was asked about a problem downloading the updates for the multiplayer DowntownTraction and HarborMaster sessions.

I have just downloaded Downtown into a clean install of TS12. I had to use Content Manager to capture several dependencies. One that proved difficult to download was the "US Army Heavy Trucks" used by the LARS industry. Doing a Data Base repair, exiting and then re-starting Content Manager eventually allowed this asset to be captured.

When trying to launch the multiplayer session it again proved difficult to download the "Ortner rear coupler" update. Exiting TS12 and then re-launching allowed this asset to be updated.

Multiplayer HarborMaster? Hmm ... . This is by a different author, so see my earlier comments here:

Just a reminder that all my more recent routes and sessions have maps and worksheets in the folder containing the route and session. These will be invaluable when playing the session.

The folder containing the route or session can be opened by highlighting the session in Content Manager and then pressing Ctrl-Shift-E. The jpg or txt files can then be opened, copied or printed out. Close the folder and then press Ctrl-R in Content Manager to revert the folder to its original settings.

Hello philskene, I have the dependencies and assets you were talking about in your post. I have some images.
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Sorry for the pictures


Basically, the game is saying that I don't have the dependencies, but I do...weird.
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Delete and re-install

Hi Maverick --

See my post #23 here:

The "the latest patch for TS12 made some scenic splines misbehave" is the goods shed spline over by the port. If you have the version :1 of the route installed (as you have) you will see that the shed is floating up in the air.

In the :2 version I have replaced the spline by a normal building. There are also some other minor changes.

What I'd suggest is using Content Manager to delete the :1, leave CM open but minimised, go directly to the Download Station, find the :2 version and click on the "Download (Helper)" under the thumbnail.

Return to CM and the :2 version should now be in the Download Helper pane, top left. Click Start and it should download.

For those who have not downloaded either :1 or :2, CM should capture the updated version without going through the above rigmarole.

One of the benefits of TS12 is that sessions will work with updated routes. Previously if a session had been made in :1 it would only work with :1 of the route. Now it's possible to correct any glitches in routes and still retain working sessions.

And thanks for the Krashnburne multiplayer session. I'm not sure what happened but it froze so I bailed.

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Still says im missing assets, I did what you said to do, still no luck. Also, your welcome for that multiplayer session earlier. Krashnburne sure is one heck of a multiplayer map.

:wave: Cheers, Mav