Moving from a WD 2TB Black to a Crucial MX100


Average Grad
I can't offer facts or figures, just my experience in making the switch.

Having upgraded from a 64GB Crucial M4 to a Crucial MX100 256GB, I now have space to actually have my Trainz installation on my SSD, and boy is the difference noticeable.

The installation was initially on a new Western Digital 2TB Black, an incredibly fast storage drive in it's own right, however I couldn't turn up the draw distance beyond 3KM or scenery quality without suffering severe freezes and stuttering as a result of the loading of assets onto and off the scene as I panned the camera. Moving to this SSD however with it's 500MB/s sequential read speeds has made all the difference, allowing my mid-range setup as noted in my signature to push to a 5KM draw distance with everything else on high and maintain a steady, smooth framerate on most routes. Size intensive routes such as the East Coast Mainline are still a bit of a pain, however the drive does certainly ease the burden on load times and hitching whilst running the route.