most efficient method request for a route migration


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My current method to transfer a route seems to cumbersome, I'm looking for a better method.

In content manager, I right click the route (or session) and save to CDP. All well and fine.

I then go into the route (or session) and get all the dependencies. I filter out the builtins and save all those to a CDP.

what doesn't pass is all the nested dependencies. I then have to manually get all of those. after importing on my new PC.

Is there a way to grab a route and its dependencies, and all the nested dependencies and export?

Does that make sense? I can of course copy over the whole directories but I'm trying to weed out the couple hundred thousand files I don't use....
Have you tried this method:

Save the route and session to a CDP


1) View dependencies of the route

2) Choose view in Main List.

You'll see everything, including built-in items.

If there's a couple of hundred or so, you can save them to a single CDP, otherwise, highlight a bunch of them in the list and save to CDP, and do this repeatedly with additional CDPs to save all the assets.

You might not be able to get all the built-ins if they are DRM content, but you'll be able to get anything else that's included in the route. I've done this a few times quite successfully too.

That is what I do. (am currently as we speak doing) But what wont come through is the dependencies of the dependencies of the route.

That's what I'll need to do manually.
example, I just "CDP'd" my route, and its session.
I went into the dependencies of each and placed them in the main list. I exported all of those to CDP.

Now I have a multitude of missing dependencies from the assets that I grabbed on the last step.