More Steam (to Train Creaters...)


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To all steam train creators:

Give your steam trains more steam blowin' out of the babies...!

It looks awkward when Big Boy comes running to the station without more than a car...


In Britain, steamers generally don't give out much more than a thin streak of white, unless they're working really hard (like when starting) or if the weather's cold (I suppose it might be in Denmark, because of the Baltic - I'm not really sure).

Twinkles gives out the best really, but that's not perfect.


PS or do you mean the trail should be longer?
In reality, if we supplied as much steam/smoke as the older steamers produced, you wouldnt see too much in Trainz, looks good though. Same with loud sounds, they were monsters (except in UK of course) LOL

I agree that these things should be user controllable, like the volume control for sounds.

My RSA NGG16 was modded to give out 10 times the steam/smoke as per normal, and the effect coupled with authentic sounds, wheel slippage, and drifting in/out of synchronisation round hte curves has to seen/heard to be believed. A Trainz video was sent to South Africa, and an oldie gal that lives 10 feet from the tracks wept as it was so realistic (shook the whole house she said)