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Hello. I have downloaded the walt disney world Monorail from JFE, and I got all the trains. But there are 5 major problems & 1 question:'( :

1. when i start surveyor, i find any coloured cab and add it to the route. when i do so, a non-fatal script error occures, and i click "continue". what do i do to keep it from happening?
2. The junctions are what?:(
3. when i select a cab, it always includes one driver titled "MR Driver Jennifer". in each coloured cab, and both ends of trains! how do i change drivers in the cab?:'(
4. when i move the trains in dcc mode, and go over 2 mph it comes back to zero!
5. in cab mode, it don't show what each lever does

q: How do I add JFE's 'Junction controller rule' to my custom sessions? I want more realistic monos!

If someone can help, I'd appreciate it.


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More problems

:( I got more problems now!!!:'(

1. On the demo map, Kenny and Eric have to go to the C. Resort. They stop in the right place, aswell as the specific trains in my own sessions on that map. Now Let's go to the custom maps. I give my driver the command drive to (whatever the name is of the C. Resort) platform 1 but my drivers
over-run the platform each time and say that the task is accomplished! How embarrising!:eek: :confused: Am I the only one who has this problem?:confused:

2. When I turn on the monorail engine in cab mode, i move the throtle lever but the train keeps still! I'm bored of this.:sleep:

3. Why can't I get into the passenger compartments of the 'Cab', why can't i see animated doors and passengers in cab view?:mop:

There is a thread in the TRS2006 forum named Monorail Information, which contains a lot of information on downloading and using the monorail content. It also contains an external link to the project Release Notes, which probably contain more information that you want to know about the project.

You should be able to answer all your questions from the Release Notes and from messages in the Monorail Information thread.

To address your specific questions:

* Stations are sensitive to the direction you lay the track through the station. To work correctly, you have to lay the track in the direction the train will run. I believe this is in the release notes.

* The original cabs did have problems with the DCC mode. This, along with some other significant items, have been fixed in the content currently on the Download Station. Don't use the original content on the Auran disk, download the current content from the DLS.

* Seats inside the vehicles were originally created for drivers in the cab, passenger seats mostly work but that's not what they were created for. In the cabs, you end up in the cab section as the driver. Also, the interiors are completely separate models than the full cars. Drivers don't get on and off or have opening doors as passengers do, so Trainz doesn't support these features for the interior views. Also, if you sit in a car facing backwards, that's what Trains now thinks is forwards, so the train will run in reverse!

* There are no known scripting errors. Look at the release notes for instructions on laying out the track, junctions, rules, etc.

* If the junctions are visible on the demo layout, they will be visible on your layouts if you build them correctly. See the release notes.

* Drivers at each end is an older content bug. However, the drivers are randomly selected, so you should get different drivers at different times.

* DCC controls errors is an older content bug. Download the content (all of it) from the Download Station, and it will solve this and many other problems.

* The cab controls are described in the Release Notes (see Monorail Information above).

* Using the junction controller rule is described in the Release Notes.

Downloading the current content and downloading the Release Notes should take care of the vast majority of your problems.


Thanks, the problems with the drivers at both ends have been fixed, thanks to the cab updates.:D But the DCC problem hasn't, I downloaded 2 different packs from Auran (updated) but the problem remained in it's place. Same with the cab controls, doesn't show what each lever is or does(labels missing). I don't understand what you mean about the junctions. Junctions like 'Southern Spur' are clearly visible and are animated correctly. Junctions like 'Resort express east', and 3 more are just dashed lines connected to beams. No junction body. Now what? What do you mean about the station track? I have no clue how to lay it in the correct position.:confused: I understand about the cab views, but not the cab controls. Random question: What happens if I name the junction, and leave the junction body's name blank? Will the beams move? Remain in the correctsponding position?

aw man!

The problems have gotten much worse today! All junctions are now visible, but none of them animate even with the junction controller rule configured! And also, my correctly built junctions are animated the wrong way!:'( This is the worst problem ever! One junction on the demo map moves, one is locked, and others keep still! :eek: Now What do I do? Can it be fixed? And how are the fixed track junctions animated if they have no levers? Really, the worst monorail problem yet!

:confused: this is weird! I just complained about the problem and now it's gone!:eek: Oh well, great to see the junction problem go (on the demo map only):D
This sort of thing makes it a tad difficult to find and fix problems. It's tough enough when others have problems that I can't duplicate, but intermittent problems that I can't duplicate are worse.

Glad you have it working now, please let us know if you ever figure out what causes the problem an, more importantly, what fixes it!

:confused: this is weird! I just complained about the problem and now it's gone!:eek: Oh well, great to see the junction problem go (on the demo map only):D

I have the same problem, last night when I created the junctions they didn't move, this morning I tried them again and they did move.

But a few minutes ago they stopped working, and I didn't change anything on the route or the session, also it seems to happen only with the right junctions, the left ones always seem to work.
I downloaded all the monorail stuff from DLS last night. I'm getting the invisible junctions as well. I'm also getting the fabulous ? for dependencies on all of the monorail trains, which means none of them are showing up.