Monorail Problems.....Please Help!


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Hi. I just got Trainz2006 build 3092. I have installed the service pack but, i cant get the monorails to work. Am I not doing something right, or looking in the wrong place for stuff? I am running it on windows vista. Trainz 2006 itself works fine, I just cant find the monorails. Thanks for the help!
the monorail information was useless. im still at the same point i was. if anybody can help me i would be most greatfull. i have put everything that i got from the monorail folder into the CM, then i committed everything. i start the game and nothings there. any ideas ?
Have you downloaded everything by JFE from DLS? He has updated much of the monorail content since the 2006 release. As he mentions in the information thread, lots of folks are running monorails with no problem.

Is Monorail Demo and Demo2 showing up in Driver or Surveyor?
yes i have downloaded everything. i am sure. No the monorail is not showing up at all in the game. I can only see the files in the CM

I don't know wheter you're thinking of the monorail I'm thinking of, but if you are, go into CMP.
Click 'Import Content'
Browse to the Docs folder in your TRS2006 directory
Go into the folder manuals_cd
Go into the folder extras
Go into the folder Monorail
Highlight all the cdp files and click ok.
I hope that's the right one.
Or do you mean the DB monerail with door where the cab should be?
The problem is likely with the fact that importing any content into TRS2006 leaves it open for editing, and not in the game. You then need to accept everything as if you had just edited it. As mentioned, this is on the Monorail Information thread, as are a number of answers to problems others have had with the project, TRS2006, and Trainz in general

I'm glad you're interested in it all, but some people do have trouble getting it all in the game and working. As you might expect, it makes more changes to the original game than just producing a new type of standard trains vehicle.

Good luck, I hope you get it all running.