Mojave Sub - disappearing textures


Get over it
Started a session on the route and everything was good until the textures no longer appeared. There is a straight line where on one side there are textures and none on the other. There are trees and track. I'm guessing it has something to do with layers but never had this problem before. I've run this same route many times and this is the first time it has happened. Is there a quick/easy fix for this? The mini map shows textures. Thanks.
Is this a big sky blue area which should be a baseboard?

If it is, it's a memory issue. The fix for this is to click on a texture and place it in the area. I click on the ground somewhere to get the texture, and then place that texture. The ground will fill in and you can hit undo if you want in case the texture doesn't quite match what's there.

Hey John - you're never far from the forum are you? No to your question. The baseboards are there with the gray grinds and some vegetation, tracks, mountains and such but without the textures which disappeared along the straight line. The textures should be the same as the ones that are showing. This game seems to always throw a curve ball at you when you're not expecting it.
John - found the problem but correct me if I'm wrong. I thought that once you loaded all the dependencies for a route and saved it then you could disable the dependencies that you wouldn't normally use but they would still appear on that route. In other words I have run this route many times and I guess in cleaning up my computer (disabling dependencies that I don't use) I shouldn't have disabled them because now I have to go back and enable the dependencies that are missing. I like a lean mean machine but with game that's hard to do. Damn, more time wasted. I'm slowly regaining the textures that are missing but from now on I won't be disabling many dependencies.
This may help some.

Before disabling, see if the view dependent assets is selectable or greyed out. If greyed out, it should be OK to disable it. If selectable, it tells you what needs these dependencies. This way, you can at least recover some headroom, as well as decide if some used dependencies are optional and can can be disabled anyway. IE: certain loads in rolling stock