MNRR Hudson Line WIP


let me show you the
This is a thread for my ongoing Metro North Hudson Line Project. Here's a bit of history on the route. The Hudson Line was formerly part of the NYC Water Level Route until it was taken over by Penn Central in 1971 and then Conrail in 1976. In 1986 Metro-North took over the line from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central. North of Poughkeepsie, Conrail owns the line up to Albany which Amtrak uses still. The Line has 29 stations currently and goes 74 miles north from NYC to Poughkeepsie. From Poughkeepsie to Croton Harmon the line is mostly double tracks and unelectrified. From Croton to NYC the line is electrified by 3rd rail and is 4 tracks. So far I have all trackwork from Poughkeepsie to Ossining.

A few shots From the route so far. Excuse the unfinishedness.

CNE Yard

Poughkeepsie Station

South of Poughkeepsie

North Of Peekskill

Croton Harmon
Very impressive. Back when I was in high school I use to row crew in Poughkeepsie next to Marist College. I still remember driving and running along the road on the right side of the yard (first picture) every day. So far it looks like you have nailed this route. :D
Awesome job on the upper Hudson line. I like the Hudson line the most out of all the Metro North lines because it's very scenic along the Hudson, especially in the Fall.
Thanks everyone!

Does anyone think a fall version would be better than summer? Not really sure although I really like it in fall up here. Too bad theres not enough seasonal trees that look good and are low poly. Then i'd make it completely seasonal. If anyone can tell me of any trees or other good seasonal assets that would look good I would appreciate it. :D
I think a fall version would be better. I've been on the Hudson line a couple of times in the fall and it's very scenic with all the fall foliage. Believe it or not, the built in speedtrees are pretty good. I've used them in some parts of my major tri state area project and they are pretty good as far as fps goes. The built in speed trees are seasonal and would look great along the Hudson line, especially if you use a different variety of trees.
I'm glad everybody is interested in this! :)

Malikrthr- I know those trees are seasonal but in my opinion I think the just are too bright and lag when used in huge amounts. Once TANE is released and I get a new PC I will be creating a version with speed trees

Scottbe8- Yes it will definitely be tane compatible.

AMTRAKwannabe- Thanks but I have already using those in the route.

Oh oh well I guess once I finish it I will create fall and winter versions of the route.
Yeah it still is. It's just that I've been busy lately with other projects and school. Now that Im on break I can get some more work done.
Its about time for an update.

Sadly I had TONS of missing DEM data on the route so I've decided to start fresh with a new route and DEM.

This time I am making the route differently. It will be loaded with custom content including stations, bridges, building, and possibly some new M1s,M2s, and M3s or a new shoreliner set. Plus I've experimented a bit more with detailing routes and using better assets. Right now I have started in NYC and will make my way north eventually.

Should I do both levels of GCT?
Also is there any good tunnel systems out there that anyone would reccomend?

Screenshots coming later...