Looking for tunnels to use


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Hello I am working on the extension for the Harlem line from bronxville to Grand Central station I am looking for tunnels to use for the Park avenue tunnels so far most of the tunnels that I have tried will not fit the locomotives does anybody know of any tunnels that would accommodate the Metro-North locomotives that come with the game any help will be appreciated
Take a look at the tunnels by RRSignal.

<kuid:481384:1008043> SEPTA Tunnel - Spacer Spline
<kuid2:481384:222219:1> Suburban Station Tunnel Portal
<kuid:481384:1008041> SEPTA Tunnel - Ceiling
<kuid2:481384:100704:1> SEPTA Tunnel Spline
<kuid:481384:1008040> SEPTA Tunnel - Floor
<kuid:481384:1007042> SEPTA Wide Tunnel Spline
<kuid:481384:1008042> SEPTA Tunnel - Wall
<kuid2:481384:10070412:2> SEPTA Tunnel box no Supports
<kuid2:481384:222228:1> Suburban Station Tunnel Ceiling
<kuid2:481384:222226:1> Suburban Station Tunnel Support
<kuid2:481384:222225:1> Suburban Station Tunnel Wall
<kuid2:481384:1007041:1> SEPTA Tunnel-one end

These are US-sized tunnels and are designed to fit catenary as well, so they should work.