Missing track issues


UK railfan
I have recently downloaded a route from the dls called "West Coastal". The only problem i have with it is that when I open up the route, the track is not there and replaced by striped white lines, in the place of track. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this?
The thing is, there are no missing dependencies. There are though, about 15 items that are labelled as "unknown asset" that all start with <kuid:71619. whenever i search for the kuid, it still comes up with "unknown asset". I have also tried searching for the track on the trs2004 dls, but when i search the name of the track on content manager, it says obsolete. Any ideas?!
Those 15 "unknown assets" are your missing dependencies. Content Manager can not find them, so they are missing.

List those 15 KUIDs and feed them to that website I mentioned in my previous post.