Missing Routes


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Yesterday I made a list of DLC Routes available to Gold Class.
I then downloaded all available routes from the launcher.
Then I checked my list and I seem to be missing about 10 routes so I check the website again
and it is saying that I have to buy the missing routes.

Confused :p
This got weirder.
Of the 9 routes I haven't got...7 aren't on the Purchased list for download and 2 say that they are installed (which they aren't)
This got weirder.
Of the 9 routes I haven't got...7 aren't on the Purchased list for download and 2 say that they are installed (which they aren't)
You can check Content Manager to see what is installed.

Click on Manage Content.

Set up the columns as we suggested by right-clicking on one of the columns and clicking on insert to choose one of the missing columns. Repeat until all the columns are added. Sort the columns by clicking and dragging on the column name.

Here's how I've setup my columns:
Type, Status, Name, Asset ID, File Size, Build Version, Author Username, Installation Date, Modification Date, Upload Date.

By left-clicking on any of these columns they can be sorted ascending or descending to sort the data.

Anyway, instead of me typing up a huge document here without pictures, take a look at this Wiki article on using Content Manager.

Which version of Trainz are you using? If it is TRS22 PE then you have the retail version which won't access DLC. You need to have installed the Trainz 22 Plus version.
Thanks J I'll take a look and try to figger all that out :) I have logged a ticket with support.

Stage, I have Trainz 22 Plus Gold
Your other post hinted you had TRS22 and wanted to get gold. If you just purchased gold that will not make the original TRS22 a Plus. Make sure you have the Plus download from MyTrainz.
This is what I have -

STATUS: Active

RENEWAL: Thursday 7th of December 2023 10:41:00 AM / USD$14.99

Membership Includes:

Content Vault: Active
Trainz Store Discount: 25%
First Class Ticket: Active
Preview Pass: Active
Trainz A New Era: Active
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019: Active
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022: Active
Trainz Plus: Active
Taken from your link above.

Trainz Plus Members (and Gold Class members)

Trainz Plus is the latest version of Trainz. Retail builds no longer provide access to the Trainz Plus features.

This means that TRS19 and TRS22 installs will work as though you are not a Trainz Plus member.

To access Trainz Plus features, please install Trainz Plus Edition and patch using Trainz Plus stream.
Go to MyTrainz at the top of this page and download Trainz Plus. This is the only version that gives you DLC access and new features.
I have Trainz Plus. Which version should I install?
If you are a Trainz Plus or Gold Class members you should install Trainz Plus.
Note that TRS22 Retail Edition does not have any Trainz Plus features enabled.

Trainz Plus only works while you have a membership. All features will go if you cancel the membership.
Ok I think I have finally got it right :p
I'm now seeing the routes I was missing.
Thank you for your help Stage, sorry to be a pest :)