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can anyone advise me what has happened to The General have interest on his route chalkdale but no info is shown on the DLS does he have a Kuid Number or is he np longer about thanks Bertieboy
Could you please try that again with the use of some punctuation? I am having a hard time trying to understand what you just wrote.
Please keep in mind we are not all native English speakers and having to guess does not help or motivate to help.

Wild guess...:
You are looking for a route of either "The General" or "chalkdale"?
Who is "he"?

Any idea of what version the route was made for (or by who)?

Simply typing "chalkdale" into Content Manager gave me 4 results:
Chalkdale 2004,<kuid2:38940:2004:1>
Chalkdale SP3,<kuid:38940:20023>
Chalkdale Electrified,<kuid:38940:20024>
Chalkdale A - TGV Test Run,<kuid:38940:60001>

Since it was so easy to find them, I really have no clue what the problem is. If this does not help you, please try again (preferable with punctuation).
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