Missing messages


I have a problem with the TRS19 b. 117009 version because in driver mode I don't see any messages. Such a small arrow in the lower left of the screen. I've looked everywhere and can't find where to turn it on or off. This is a very useful function because it can indicate to me that somewhere on the map there is a switch lever missing. Currently in AI mode the train is not moving and I have no idea why.
Could someone give me a hint how to fix this? Or is my TRS version buggy and I need to reinstall?
I think I know what you are talking about but I don't recall seeing them lately either. I've never seen a way of turning that on and off unless it is tied to the F5 and F6 buttons now. Maybe the display options for the driver display. Looks like a gear.
Of course, I thought about this gear at first, but that's not it. When I click on this arrow it only rotates up or down. It's strange because I'm also using SP1 version and everything works fine there.
I also asked other users on the Polish PTT forum and there it was suggested that TRS19 still has a lot of bugs that will never be corrected. After all, there is TRS22 and they are only working on it.
I tested it in the same version as you and saw similar behavior. Sometimes Driver would open fine but often some part of the control overlay would be missing. Clicking around a bit would magically make the missing parts appear. Very odd behavior indeed. Your Polish friends are right, I doubt that it will ever be fixed in TRS19. It seems that SP5 did more harm than good.