missing kuid


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hi guys
could some one please help me find those 3 kuid numbers
<kuid:506034:6783438>, <kuid:506034:352027>, <kuid:506034:352025>
kind regards
Greetings Herlev. All are packaged in <kuid2:506034:7534624:1> Tidewater Point Rail v3
<kuid:506034:6783438> st_wp_kust13_892_3m
<kuid:506034:352025> st_wp_topol_s_794_15m
<kuid:506034:352027> st_wp_kust16-d5_1_547_10m

You could probably clone some RMM trees to these KUIDsas substitutes.
Hi Forester 1
thank you for your reply
i found 3 new trees on the download station
same type of trees just different kuid number's
so i hope i can go into config files and delete the
3 kuid numbers and replace them with the new ones
kind regards
Just submitting an edit for the config.txt will result in an error.
You can only change them in the config.txt file if you do the following:
Open - Show in Explorer
Edit the config.txt file and change the KUID, save.
Move up to the level of the Editing folder.
Drag the folder for the asset and drop onto the CM.
This method should work. Best of luck!
Download the three replacement trees.

- Open the trees for editing in Content Manager.
- Navigate to the editing folder and copy these tree - folders to your desktop.
- In Content Manager, revert these downloaded trees since you can't do anything with them.

Back on your desktop...

- Open up each folder and edit the config.txt files and change the KUIDs to the trees you want to replace.
- Once done, save and close the config.txt and folder and drag and drop the folders into Content Manager to install these replacement trees.

I do this all the time when I come up empty handed for such things as trees, or buildings that can use a suitable replacement.

Replacing the KUID in the route config.txt file does nothing because the information is kept in the mapfile.obj file. The KUID in the config.txt file is for searching and once a database repair is run, the replaced asset will be missing again.

In the early days, this was possible but not since at least TS12 SP1 if I recall correctly.
Thanks for your reply
i now have some < yellow orange square clear >
where the trees are missing
i cant get rid of those
can you help
kind regards
Hi Forester 1
thanks for your reply
yes i did a rebuild database and yes
those 3 kuids are now showing up as
unknown asset
so i will have to wait until i can reinstall
Tidewater Point Rail v3
to get the 3 missing kuids
kind regards
Hi Herlev
It sounds like maybe a step got missed in cloning the other trees to the missing KUIDs. My full steps are:
Download the substitute trees (RMM or whatever)
For each one, select it and choose "clone" under the Content menu. This will create a "new asset" with your KUID number.
right-click the new asset and choose "Open - Show in Explorer"
Edit the config.txt file and change the KUID, save.
Move up to the level of the Editing folder.
Drag the folder for the asset and drop onto the CM.
This should create the clone under the missing KUID.
You can then delete the "new asset", which you don't need.
Hi Forester1
Thank for your reply
no i will wait until i can get the 3 kuids
its to complicated for me to do what you describe
i am to old to work that out i am 82 ha ha
kind regards